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The Ultimate Ceramic Grilling Experience

If you’re a grilling enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Big Green Egg. This brand of ceramic grills has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. With a unique design and unparalleled versatility, the Big Green Egg offers a grilling experience like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this grill is sure to impress.

Big Green Eggs are known for their versatility and excellent cooking capabilities, allowing users to grill, smoke, bake, and even roast food with precision and ease. They come in a variety of sizes, from mini to extra-large, making them a great choice for anyone from the casual backyard griller to the serious BBQ enthusiast. They also have a unique appearance, with their signature green ceramic exterior, which sets them apart from other grills on the market.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it. See why our customers love us!

“We needed filters and they were so helpful. They helped us get exactly what we needed. Everyone is so nice and friendly.”


- Cynthia K.

“I have been a customer for several years but I just want to give a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful service during these crazy times with the pandemic. Johnson came yesterday to remove my pool cover and delivered 6 bags of shock. They took a water sample with them ( while I watched from inside, I am 66 and in the higher risk group) They called this morning and have already tested the water and have pulled together all chemicals I need. They allowed me to pay for all this by credit card over the phone and will bring the chemicals out to my vehicle without me having to even open a door. This is the definition of customer service and I really encourage all pool/spa owners to support this local business that understands how to care for the customer.”


- Ed S.

“Super friendly and knowledgeable sales staff! Free water testing and they tell you exactly what you need to put in, how much, and explains the reasoning behind it so you don’t feel like they’re just trying to make a sale!”


- Brittany W.

“Johnson Pool has a very courteous and knowledgeable staff and they have what you need in store.”


- Robert H.

“The service was exceptional. I told them my issues. The walked me through the solution to my problem step by step so I could understand what to do. I recommend them to anyone.”


- Lateshia S.

“It was a pleasure to deal with Cathy Castle when I needed parts for our sand filter. She was knowledgeable, friendly and went out of her way to locate the parts we needed. The price was right, the parts were perfect and I intend to call Johnson Pools first when future needs arise. I will definitely recommend her and the company to any friends with pool problems.”


- Susan S.

“Exactly what I needed. Staff helpful. Quickly in and out.”


- Dawn P.

“Very nice and friendly answered all my questions!”


- Lauryn M.

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